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Needful Things To Bring While Assisting Flood Relief List of Items Needed
Volunteers who come to help with the storm relief should
bring as many of the NEEDFUL THINGS as possible. The work  consists of removing all items damaged by floods. These include; carpenting, sheetrock, mud, appliances, damaged furniture, , etc.,.
Items Needed For Flood Relief and Cleanup
 1. Food, water, tents, sleeping bag, sun block, hats
 2. Hammers, crowbars, breakerbars, (for ripping out baseboards, sheetrock)
 3. Utility knives, drywall saw, etc.
 4. Safety glasses and/or goggles
 5. Yellow "Helping Hands" shirts if you have one 
 6. Wheel barrow
 7. Square shovel
 9. Gloves
10. GPS
11. Medical Kit
12. Large Trash Bags
13. Rakes
14. Garden Sprayer (if you have one)
15. Masks (for mold protection)
16. Brooms
17. Chainsaws 
18. Soap, towels